Board & Committees

HPNC Board of Trustees

Scott Hassell

Norman Lewis

Todd Roe

Annie Rusche

Blair Whitney

Brianna Frappier-Schirmang

David Hapner

Tommy McEvoy

Sybil Mullin

Gary Wollenweber

Janet Buening

Alan Edwards

Alex Schutte

Bob Smyth

Valerie Woodham

Officers & Executive Committee


Scott Hassell

Vice President

Todd Roe

Communications Secretary

Blair Whitney


Norman Lewis

Recording Secretary

Sybil Mullin

Executive Committee Member

Bob Smyth

HPNC Representatives to:

Ault Park Advisory Council

Blair Whitney

Hyde Park East Business Association

Bob Smyth

Hyde Park Square Business Association

Janet Buening

Invest in Neighborhoods

Norman Lewis (NSP Manager), Bob Smyth

Wasson Way Bike Path

Dave Hapner

55 North

Brianna Frappier-Schirmang

Hyde Park School LSDMC

Valerie Woodham

Hyde Park Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (HPNIC)

Janet Buening, Norman Lewis, Scott Hassell, Carl Uebelacker (HPNIC secretary)

July 4th Committee

Blair Whitney

Committees & Roles


By-Law Review, Editorial Board of Review

Chair: Ann Gerwin

Members: Janet Buening, Sybil Mullin


Technology/website, social media, mass e-mail distribution, and print communication

Chair: Tommy McEvoy

Members: Gytis Matulaitis, Norman Lewis, Janet Buening, Alex Schutte

Community Engagement

Practices for effective community engagement, coordination with leaders of specific efforts

Chair: Anthony Isaacs

Members: Bob Smyth, Blair Whitney

East Hyde Park

All matters relating to East Hyde Park

Chair: Bob Smyth

Members: Jay Ashmore, Brianna Frappier-Schirmang, Norman Lewis, Tim Schirmang, Valerie Woodham, Blair Whitney, Alex Schutte


All matters relating to public or private schools and education.

Chair: Dave Hapner

Members: Sybil Mullin, Blair Whitney, Valerie Woodham, Brianna Frappier-Schirmang


Beautification, Square, Parks, Street Trees, Recreation, Lunken Airport, and all other similar matters

Chair: Alan Edwards

Members: Dave Hapner


All matters relating to the budget, funding requests, and financial matters

Chair: (vacant)

Members: Janet Buening, Norman Lewis

PLAN Hyde Park

Long Range Plan ad hoc committee

Chair: Janet Buening

Members: Norman Lewis, Gary Wollenweber, Dave Hapner, Scott Hassell, Andy Scarpitti


All matters relating to membership, including new members and renewals

Chair: Annie Rusche

Members: Sybil Mullin, Brianna Frappier-Schirmang


All matters relating to new Trustees
The five members are appointed by the Executive Committee

Chair: Sybil Mullin

Members: Annie Rusche, Bob Smyth, Blair Whitney, Valerie Woodham

Traffic and Public Safety

All matters related to traffic and safety concerns

Chair: Todd Roe

Members: Dave Hapner


All matters relating to zoning & building codes, property maintenance, and Urban Design District

Chair: Gary Wollenweber

Members: Norman Lewis, Michael Mauch, Couper Gardiner, Tom Petre, Scott Hassell