Mission & Vision

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council is committed to maintaining Hyde Park as a desirable neighborhood, educating and informing citizens, and providing an opportunity for participation in community affairs.

Monthly Meetings


HPNC meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. 
The meeting location may change from month to month so please check the Neighborhood
Updates section for the latest information. We'd love to see you there!


We are always looking for passionate people from our community to get involved

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We Want to Hear from You

To submit your ideas, feedback or contact a Hyde Park Neighborhood Council representative, click here.

Hyde Park Perks

Hyde Park Neighborhood Council has partnered with local businesses in Hyde Park to bring HPNC members special perks. If you're a member of HPNC, your $20 yearly donation gets you access to Hyde Park Perks. Learn more here.

HPNC Applications for Board of Trustees

If you would like to actively serve your community, consider applying to the HPNC Board of Trustees.

Applicants must either live, own property,  or own/operate a business in Hyde Park. A board term is 3 years.

To apply, complete the Candidate Fact Sheet and email it to the address on the form, or print it out and mail it to:
PO Box 8064
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Click to download the candidate sheet.

Small Businesses in Hyde Park

Discover Hyde Park's unique small businesses. Eat, drink, play, and shop. Find more details here.


2022 Walk Your Neighborhood Membership Drive

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Membership Drive is taking place in September and October. We appreciate your support! Join us in helping to get the word out by participating in our Walk Your Neighborhood initiative. We have created a letter that can be printed and delivered to your neighbors. Our goal is to have every household in Hyde Park receive a letter. What better way to get your steps in than by helping your community! If you send us a photo of yourself delivering letters, you’ll get an extra entry to win a gift card to a local Hyde Park business.

You can download a copy of the letter here.

Happy walking! And thank you for supporting Hyde Park!

Tamarack & Grigg Walkway Clearing

Anthony Isaacs led a team of folks on this one. Thanks, Anthony (and volunteers), for your beautifying efforts! 

Project description:

Clear the overgrown vegetation from the walking path that connects Tamarack and Grigg Avenues to Withrow H.S. and Wulsin Park. The CRC has added some new concrete paths in the park and rebuilt the broken end of the connecting pathway from Tamarack and Grigg, but honeysuckle, ivy, and soil are covering about a third of the walkway, making it difficult to comfortably use the walkway.

Contact person:

Anthony Isaacs


Meeting time and place:

July 28th, 2022 at 7pm

Walkway at the corner of Tamarack Ave and Grigg Ave


After removing ivy, honeysuckle and soil from the existing walkway, the path from Tamarack and Grigg to Withrow H.S. and Wulsin Park is much more accessible to people pushing strollers, using wheelchairs, walking dogs, or riding bikes.

In-person Meeting: Tuesday, August 9th at 7 pm

Please join us on Tuesday, August 9th.

The meeting will be held in The Little Theatre, at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, at 1345 Grace Ave.

The meeting packet is posted to the "Meeting & Minutes" section of the HPNC website.

In-person Meeting: Tuesday, July 12th at 7 pm

Please join us on Tuesday, June 12th.

The meeting will be held Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church in the Welcome Center.

The meeting packet is posted to the "Meeting & Minutes" section of the HPNC website.

Hyde Park Square DORA Approved

On Thursday, June 23rd, Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved the DORA application for Hyde Park Square. There is not yet a formal opening date, but those involved are doing all they can to have the DORA up and running before summer's end.

You can read more on the Enquirer website here. And you can always check in on things via the Hyde Park DORA website here.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you have! 

In-person Meeting: Tuesday, June 14th at 7 pm

Please join us on Tuesday, June 14th.

The meeting will be held on/in Knox Commons, at Knox Presbyterian Church, at 3400 Michigan Ave. Th agenda will include a presentation on possible Wasson Way Access points in East Hyde Park

The meeting packet is posted to the "Meeting & Minutes" section of the HPNC website.